Anonymous said: Do you know if there is any video of Mami's Koe performance from the recent Osaka-Jo Hall show? :)

There is no full performance footage of ‘Koe’ but HERE is a snippet of it, first broadcast on 16th July’s Rock Kyoudai! ‘Koe’ begins from around 0:51 onwards.

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SCANDAL; “August has come! These photos are other shots from a TV programme appearance and magazine interview in July. And we will go to Korea from tomorrow because we’re to appear at Incheon pentaport Rock Festival!” - SCANDAL’s Official FB [edited]

SCANDAL; “August has come! These photos are other shots from a TV programme appearance and magazine interview in July. And we will go to Korea from tomorrow because we’re to appear at Incheon pentaport Rock Festival!” - SCANDAL’s Official FB [edited]

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SCANDAL; “August” blogpost by RINA☆

August has started! Many things have happened this yearー. Time will pass in the blink of an eye from now till the year end, and with all the things we’ve learned in these several years, we’ll work hard with new feelings☺︎

From tomorrow onwards, we’ll be heading to Korea! We’ll do a live at the fes named「INCHEON PENTAPORT ROCK FESTIVAL 2014」☺︎ In Japan terms, it feels something like Summer Sonic. Really looking forward! I’ve never been there even privatelyー…I wonder how it isー☺︎ I’ll be taking photos even in Korea!

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SCANDAL; “FESTIVAL” @ Yokohama Arena Day 2 (full video)

Translations for each of the MC portions have also been done! 1st MC (HERE), 2nd MC (HERE), Encore MC + Ending (HERE).

For complete download links to the concert, nanjikan @ Tumblr has also very kindly provided the links. MKV version (HERE) and TS version (HERE). Much thanks!

All “FESTIVAL” related posts, including blogposts, Twitter translations and videos, it’s all also been tagged and available in chronological order at Fyscandalband HERE. Over at SCANDALMEDIA, they have also done a compilation HERE. Do check it out if you haven’t already!

Video upload w/ thanks to onlyzs89 @ YK! Video is working at time of posting. May everyone enjoy everything!

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  • HARUNA: “Thank you for the encore! Yokohama Arena! We’re really feeling a lot on the inside, coming from the Yokohama Arena. The mood’s instantly full. Somehow, earlier we’ve discussed this but we’ve got preparations for the 6th year since our debut and really, as we live, the days just pass by one by one in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it, it’s already the night now. On the inside, to be able to spend such a time with everyone together, we think we’re really blessed. Somehow, today, the admirable Yokohama Arena has turned out to be a memorable day. To say what we feel, we’ve thought about carving each and every single detail (into our hearts.) That’s why, to everyone that’s here today and the people watching it on TV, we’re happy to have met you.

  • RINA: “That’s right. Somehow or rather, I think bands are truly fun and I’m glad to have believed in our music. Thanks to everyone, I think that every single day. Really, thank you!

  • TOMOMI: “To be seeing such a view, it makes us feel we can do just about anything, and it strengthens our hearts. From now on, please look over us as well.

  • MAMI: “We came out as there’s the encore, but I really don’t want it to end at all! Everyone, you can go for one more round, can’t you?

  • HARUNA: “Next time, we hope everyone in front of the TV can also come have fun.

  • RINA: "We hope for that. Surely everyone in front of the TV’s also waving their towels. I’m so happy. I’ll check it out later on Twitter! This is so exciting!

  • HARUNA / RINA: “Right, shall we go for the next song? Let’s go!

Ending MC →

  • HARUNA: “Lastly, let me introduce the members again. Drums, RINA!

  • RINA / MAMI / TOMOMI: (Thanks the crowd)

  • HARUNA: “And then, vocal, HARUNA! Yokohama Arena was super, super fun! Let’s do this again together next time! Thank you very much for today!

  • HARUNA / RINA: (After giving thanks to each side of the arena) “We love everyone! Please head home safely today! Bye Bye! Thank you to everyone who watched on WOWOW-san as well! Bye bye, see you again! We’ll work hard from tomorrow onwards too!

Translation / screenies by fyscandalband. 1st MC (HERE), 2nd MC (HERE).

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Anonymous said: Ano..., when can we see FESTIVAL @ YokoAri Encore MC translation ? :D And the farewell after the show (you know, start from Haruna introducing all the members). Thx !!! You're the best! ;)

The translations for it slipped my mind but thank you for the reminder! I’ll have it up in a bit! (:

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(c)sir Wisely Shiu :)

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SCANDAL on Tuesday night’s (29 Jul) RADIO DRAGON’s 「Doors」programme aka “SCANOMICS”! In a bit, July is going to come to an end. How fast! With it, SCANDAL has also started their streak of Summer festivals, leaving the girls feeling like the year is about end soon (as Summer goes by fast for them when they do lives and once it’s over, the end of the year will come.) Haruna then reads fanmail from listeners who’s watched the DVD inside the “Yoake no Ryuuseigun" single; The first female fan remarks that A was on the fun side of SCANDAL while B was on a side of SCANDAL that can’t usually be seen, and she’s come to like SCANDAL even more. Next up, another female fan says that when Mami-tasu is eating joyfully, she looked cute. She’s also gotten into "Your song" and she looks forward to even more songs from the band. Mami remarks that that morning, they’d ate squid and sea urchin, which got her craving for something sweet. They all got to have ice-cream after that but in between, she’d gone for a melon. There’s no spoon to be found when she bought it, but she certainly ate it all neatly. Haruna continues with another fanmail, who says he listens to the single every single day, and "Your song" has really impacted him and helped it continue on.

Moving on, today is actually the Midsummer Day of the Ox! In order to enjoy a fun Summer, you’ve got to have the body strength as well. And on this day, it is said you have to eat unagi (eel), which all of the SCANDAL members love. In the studio today, somehow, glaze-grilled unagi with soy-based sauce is prepared! Although they just had the ‘space food' from last week, this week's a continuation of their food-eating journey. The band practically pounces to tear open their meal packets, remarking on how delicious it looks.

SCANDAL greatly enjoys their meal, with Rina commenting on how each year at this time, all the members would definitely get to have unagi properly together. It’s indeed a special day, to have bentos even as they are recording. As they are eating in the mean time, Haruna raises the question of whether the band members have any counter-measures for this year’s Summer. Tomomi says she’s had her cooler and fan working hard. Mami says her cooler hasn’t been used yet at all (so far), and Tomomi understands, as you don’t want to wear out your cooler, especially when you’re heading out. Tomomi says she can’t stop having ice-cream too, as it really helps your body cool down. Rina continues, saying she’s always had dried plum stored in her fridge, and on long days in which she felt she really used up all her energy, right before she enters her house, she’ll have one. The band engages in more talk about how dried plum is good for the body…before moving back to saying how delicious the unagi was (laughs).

Mami also says that exercise is also good, and it’s definitely good to control the things that you can, such as drinking loads of water, and wearing caps when you’re out etc. Rina also mentions sleep, and that she sleeps plenty right before Summer festivals. As it’s super warm and you need lots of strength after all. Haruna wishes for everyone to eat unagi on this Midsummer Day of the Ox and get lots of energy. After “Yoake no Ryuuseigun" plays and the usual promos, we are down to the "SOBOKU" corner!

This week’s “SOBOKU” corner question is: When you buy shoes, what happens to the box? For this, Rina says, it might be different for girls and guys and also dependent on the sort of shoes. Mami, Rina and Haruna are quick to say they don’t keep the box, while Tomomi states that sometimes, the box of certain fashion brands can be cute and that’s when she’ll take the box. Mami is curious as to what she does with it later, and Tomomi says she’ll keep just her heels in them. Mami, personally, has more sneakers so she doesn’t bother with the box. That is about all for the week! Till the next!

Video upload w/ credits to solfaman @ YT, translations by fyscandalband. For more SCANOMICS translations, they can be found HERE.

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SCANDAL on Tuesday night’s (22 Jul) RADIO DRAGON’s 「Doors」programme aka “SCANOMICS”! Yesterday, WOWOW broadcast the SCANDAL Special on TV (21 Jul). Rina and Haruna says that it’s a remembrance of all the fun lives they do each year and the stages keep getting bigger. For the people who are seeing SCANDAL’s lives for the first time, it’ll be a good incentive for them to come join a live for real. Last week, “Yoake no Ryuuseigun" was also released and so they’ve gotten a bunch of mail from the listeners.

The first male says he’d felt the emotions of pure friendship and relationships, the song giving off a gentle feeling amongst other vibes. It isn’t the simply the song, as he understood better after watching the Pokemon movie in the theatre. He also felt the jacket design at the back of the Pokemon version to be great. After the song plays on air, and before more fanmail, the girls have an ‘extra section’ with regards to “Yoake no Ryuuseigun”. When you think of ‘Ryuusei (meteor)’, you’ll have ‘Uchuu (universe)’, and with that you have ‘Rockets’, and even with that, you’ve got ‘Uchuuhikoushi (astronaut)’. From that, you also get ‘Uchuushoku (space food)’. So the staff got imaginative with that and bought that 4 sets of food. This kind of feels like an ‘extra section’ (rather than the actual programme itself). Currently, right in front of them, they have takoyaki (octopus balls), chocolate cake and vanilla ice-cream. Mami votes to start with the chocolate cake- and surprisingly, it’s a lot harder than expected, and topped with cream. The taste still is that of a chocolate cake but the texture certainly isn’t, although it still tastes good.

If the chocolate cake is like this, how could the takoyaki possibly taste? They opened the packet and it smells like takoyaki…but it’s hard and tastes more like a snack, but it still has octopus inside properly. Now, they’re left with the vanilla ice-cream…in which Tomomi remarks that it looks like more tofu instead. The smell is definitely that of a vanilla ice-cream however, and it tastes sweet, which is all strange. Who knew it’ll lead up to this from “Yoake no Ryuuseigun”! That’s all for this extra corner!

Now, the girls read more fanmail from listeners regarding “Your song”. All the listeners raved about the tune, one fan even saying that with the DVD making about “Your song”, he’s found another good quality about the band, that is how they create each song so carefully. He is really glad to have purchased the CD. Rina says they’ve never ever had such a DVD where it shows them creating a song from zero to the end, and Haruna explains that it’s fresh for them too, the way they created “Your song" as compared to their previous other songs.

After the usual promos, we are at this week’s “SOBOKU” corner! This week’s question is, “What about yakitori (grilled chicken) is it that you like?" The band is excited and Mami is first to say she likes the skin best. Rina mentions that indeed, the other time they’d all went for yakitori together, Mami ate so many sticks of it, with Mami even admitting herself she’s ate some 5 to 6 sticks. Rina says her pace is super fast too. For Tomo, it is the spring onion (found in between the pieces of grilled chicken on one stick), which is a standard. Tomomi says only recently did she realise she really likes spring onion. Rina, as expected from everybody else, prefers the chicken breast meat. She likes it best when it goes with cheese. Haruna is rather perplexed over this…but she likes it the most when the breast meat is paired with wasabi. That’s about it for this week!

Video upload w/ credits to solfaman @ YT, translations by fyscandalband. For more SCANOMICS translations, they can be found HERE. /apologies for the late translations! This week’s broadcast will be up by today.

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SCANDAL; “The Last Day of July” blogpost by MAMI☆

It’s August starting tomorrow!! Time passed in the blink of an eye. Everyone, are you suffering from the Summer heat? You guys alright? Summer’s full-out happeningー!! It’s steaming hot even in the night!

Today’s rehearsal DAY. We’re firmly surrounded by instrument parts. This, it’s surprisingly calming. My personal encampment! On such a day today, a 1ROOM T-shirt. I like looking at room plans. It’s my first time wearing one. That’s right, to continue on with such a hot day, I’ve watched this!! (I finally got it just now) Let it goー!

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