SCANDAL; “About The Anniversary” blogpost by MAMI☆

Yesterday, 21st August was our one-man LIVE at the OTODAMA SEA STUDIO! Thank you to everyone who came in midst of the heat! RINA’s 23rd birthday & SCANDAL’s 8th Anniversary since formation! And then Otodama’s 10th year Anniversary! Worth praisingーーー!!! Getting to also meet everyone, it’s an important day that’s overlapped with lots of happiness. I’m really extremely happy to receive the congratulatory greetings from many people! It’s already our 8th Anniversary, no no, it’s only just our 8th Anniversary!! Without needing to say it too many times, I want to continue being in SCANDAL forever and always. Please look over us from now on as well, we’re still well on our way!

And then, Happy Birthday RINA!! I’ve always felt influenced by RINA’s motivation. Be it as a lady or a band-man, RINA is charismatic. Staying this way, it’s for sure that she’ll slowly turn out to be a wonderful adult (^O^☆♪ Really, congratulations! I respect you! Let us celebrate together from now onwards as well☺

After the LIVE, we had an event in which the staff-san prepared (for us)! It’s Summer! The Ocean! Suikawari tournamentー! (Puffing steadily) The lead role! The birthday girl, RINA’s challenge. First of all, turn about 10 times with the stem of the stick. While Team SCANDAL watched over, there’s RINA who walked unsteadily on her feet while following everyone’s instructions…will you reach the watermelon after all in one piece?! And then will she split it?!

RINA, laughing while she swung the stick downwards…it’s splitー! A hit on the centerpoint! Bravo!! After that, it was HARUNA’s challenge as she had her birthday on the 10th this month! This person was laughing loudly before going on her turn. HARUNA walking towards the watermelon (with TOMOMI). Did she split it?! How does it go?! She holds (the stick) aloft…

It’s splitー!! It’s a hit right in the center with a ‘whonk’! As expected! It’s praiseworthy!! Here’s TOMOMI spinning although the watermelon’s no longer there. It’s an inevitable death.

It was funーー!! The staff-san who prepared it for us, and everyone from Team Otodama who lent us this venue, I’m grateful! I ate the watermelon in a delicious mannerー! The sweet juice on my heated body is the absolute best ever☺ We do all kinds of lives at festivals and events in Summer, however it’s fun to feel Summer even more by getting to do a LIVE at Otodama. To feel everyone’s perspiration on the skin and to strum my instrument makes me feel blessed; A moment that cannot be experienced elsewhere besides Otodama. For 10 years, a huge congratulations indeed!! It’s an honour to have been able to do a LIVE on such a memorable year! Thank you so much!

Yesterday, I wore a watermelon outfit, me (~this ‘me’ was said in a way that’s mainly used by adult men.) A watermelon splitting a watermelon.

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SCANDAL; “Anniversary” blogpost by HARUNA☆

We welcomed SCANDAL’s 8th year of formation on 21st August ^^ For the live at OTODAMA SEA STUDIO, thank you to everyone who’s come to have fun. Thank you for the congratulatory comments on Twitter and on the blog. It is thanks to everyone that we are what we are today. Please look over us from today onwards as well!!

And then, congratulations on Rina’s birthday♪ Yesterday, I challenged the suikawari for the first time ever. The things that reminds us most about Summer.

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SCANDAL’s TOMOMI & HARUNA; The two people who seem to really be using the knife and fork in a really fun way♡” - Toda Erika

SCANDAL’s TOMOMI & HARUNA; The two people who seem to really be using the knife and fork in a really fun way♡” - Toda Erika

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SCANDAL’s RINA; “Suikawari for the first time”

→ In case you missed out, translated updates on SCANDAL’s Otodama live are HERE. Kindly enjoy!

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Yoake no Ryuuseigun making movie

(watch it on youtube + dl link in description)

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☆ Haruna was saying on Twitter that she’s craving for ramen and invites Tomomi to go. Maybe they’re having ramen right now /speculates /confirmed >D<

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SCANDAL; “I’d Turned 23” blogpost by RINA☆

Thank you for the blissful day! The band’s day of formation, birthday, to receive many congratulatory greetings means to receive strength that’ll help me work hard again. I’m really, really happy!

And then, the 10th Anniversary of Otodama. It’s fantastic isn’t it. To have a live house lined up standing on the beach, with a huge crowd gathered to just bathe in the music. There’s a limitation to the volume of the sound, but we continue doing this every year in midst of all kinds of such hurdles…yes, it’s wonderful. I want to stay as a fun band for always. I want to be a wonderful person.

Lastly, thank you to those who’s got my personal book in your hands! Also to the people who’ll be getting it. If you’ve read it, please let me hear your thoughts☺︎

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SCANDAL; Otodama / 8th Anniversary Live tweets →

  • MAMI: “OTODAMA SEA STUDIO! Thank you to everyone who cameーーー!!! All of my resilience and salt content has been released!! Otodama 10th Anniversary + SCANDAL’s 8th Anniversary of formation + RINA’s birthday!! As a memorial should be, to spend a wonderful day with all of you wonderful people, it’s a blissful thing. Ahーー! It’s been fun! Everyone’s the bestー!

  • MAMI: “Everyone, don’t forget to replenish your fluids and once you get home, please get in the bath and sleep well! Let’s wipe that perspiration off properly and hope not to get a coldーーー! Really, thank you to everyoneー(^O^☆♪

  • HARUNA: “This year too, we had a live at the OTODAMA SEA STUDIO on our precious day! Everyone who came, thank you ^^ Today’s the 8th Anniversary, we, SCANDAL, are still well on our way! Please take care of us from today onwards as well!

  • RINA: “Otodama, thank you to everyone who’d came! It’s come to be a fantastic day☺︎ Otodama’s 10th year anniversary, the band’s 8th anniversary, RINA at 23 years old. Congratulations, thank you!

  • TOMOMI: “This year’s Otodama was the best and most fun as well! The 8th year anniversary today, I’m glad to have made all this noise with everyone. It’s been hot isn’t it. Do have an intake of salt content alright.

Photos from SCANDAL’s Official FB HERE, tweets translated by fyscandalband in order of time of posting. The setlist for tonight’s live is HERE!

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SCANDAL; Otodama Setlist🎶🎶 →

  • 8 Gatsu


  • Space Ranger

  • Yoake no Ryuuseigun

  • Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY

  • Uchiagehanabi (acoustic)

  • Hikare (acoustic)

  • Sayonara My Friend (acoustic)

  • Awanai Tsumori no, Genki Dene

  • Your song

  • DOLL

  • Taiyou Scandalous

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GOOD ROCKS! Vol. 53 cover, out 8/29

GOOD ROCKS! Vol. 53 cover, out 8/29

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