Silent Siren’s Hinanchu turned 23 yesterday!

This year’s birthday is with RINA too(^∇^)Each and every time is fun (laughs) Thank you for each year♡ I liked the 🎂." - HINANCHU

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nanjikan asked: Hi! Just a clarification about the question you answered about the Sony SCANDAL app: actually, when you say this app isn't compatible with non-japanses devices, it's a mistake: it's only restricted to Japan. Nothing to do with your device. Just connect to the Play Store (sorry, I don't know if it works with the Apple one as I don't use iOS) from Japan (ie using a VPN) and you're done. And it works perfectly on my phone somewhere in Europe :) And this app is neat!

OK sorry I didn’t phrase that correctly but yeah, that’s what I meant <(。_。)> I personally don’t depend on the app for their latest news and I’m not big on using private networks but anyone that knows how to go about it, download away!

Thank you very much for the info! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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SCANDAL; “I’ve Got A Notice!” blogpost by RINA☆*

Doing a rehearsal with really good feels for it! A live in which after everyone that comes have experienced it will end up wanting to be in a band. It’ll be like a live where you’ll want to meet the members. A live which will leave such a deep aftertaste that you can’t stand it but to want to hurry up and tell somebody about it. That’s the theme of this event.

I’ve got good news. The web news have covered it too but the studio live performance of the song「Departure」that was uploaded on our home page on 3rd March became 1st place on the USEN HIT J-POP ranking on the week of 12th March (Wed). Those who requested and contacted, thank you. Haahh…I’m really happy. Since I have made this song with pure feelings, to get No.1 is a mark of proof that it has earnestly resounded in someone, which make me especially happy. Thank you.

→ News of SCANDAL’s “Departure” hitting No.1 on the USEN HIT J-POP RANKING was released earlier today at 12PM (JST). It was reported also that many have voiced out their hopes of seeing the above-mentioned song on a physical CD, although nothing has been decided at the moment. (Full article in Japanese at Excite Music HERE.)

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Anonymous asked: Hey! not sure if you know about this, but SCANDAL actually has a (new?) app, by Sony. I think its only available in a Japan locations because I found it in the Japan app store? Its pretty neat, there's their schedule and everything! makes your work ALOOOT easier! Btw, thanks for all the hard work! there's alot of ghost supports like me, who don't have tumblr but check your page almost everyday! Really, thanks for the hard work!!!

Hello! ⊂((・▽・))⊃ Pretty sure you’re talking about the Sony Artist App here (iPhone / Android). Everything’s great but unfortunately it’s incompatible with devices outside of Japan OTL Fans living in Japan should definitely d/l it tho!

A big thank you to you (and all the Tumblr-less anons out there) for following this blog! I’m extremely grateful for every bit of support this blog gets. Thank you!ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ

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SCANDAL on Tuesday night’s (11 Mar) RADIO DRAGON’s 「Doors」programme aka “SCANOMICS”! It’s 11th March today, which marks it as the 3rd year since the Tohoku Earthquake. Before the girls kick off, the girls reflect on this a bit before playing “Departure”. Haruna says they wish they could give this song to everyone quickly in the physical CD form soon, so may everyone look forward to it. Coming up, the girls have quite a couple of lives to do and one of them is the Hawaii Honolulu Ekiden & Music Fes 2014. Just judging by the title, it already seems fun. Haruna says there’s a plan for those traveling from Japan, where they can also participate in the long-distance relay as well. There are such relay races in Japan, like the Tokyo marathon but it will definitely feel different running in Honolulu for sure. For those that aren’t so great, it is still completely okay to participate in the live music festival. SCANDAL sink further into the details a bit, and hopes for more people to bring their friends or colleagues along as well.

Speaking about the live acts, there will be SCANDAL of course, as well as acts like Kimaguren and Monkey Majik. They’ve ever stood on the same stage as these bands before and it’s been a long time since then. Haruna wonders how the atmosphere will be, since they’ll be at Hawaii this time round and the beach at that. Surely it’ll be all alright. SCANDAL says for this Ekiden & Music Fes, rather than tickets, it’ll be replaced with t-shirts instead. Haruna says they’re also looking forward to the Hawaii sunset as it’s going to be the best ever. And the day after the live, SCANDAL will also be doing a fan meeting.

Right up till now, SCANDAL has never had a fan meeting before so they wonder what they should be doing and what will make everyone happy. Rina mentions about wishing to do it in Nara (prefecture) but for this round, she wants to hear everyone’s opinions on what they’ll like to see. Haruna says it’s nice to do something else aside from the live, and it’ll be great to do something Hawaii-ish. Tomomi says this feels like a learning trip. Next, SCANDAL’s Haruna reads the fanmail about a boy who’s formed a band a while ago and it is co-ed, which means there are male and female members. Rina brings up one point that with male members it means that cooler songs can be decided upon.

Loads of promos as per usual. Mami throws in that for they’ve been really wanting to go to meet everyone in Hokkaido (and they can finally do so during the “Kyu ni Kite Gomen. In Kita" tour.) She’s therefore looking really forward to the food, the travel and the live. Also, "Band Yarou Yo!! Vol.5" is just around the corner and Rina bursts out in excitement. She says she’s really happy and can’t wait anymore, as it’s been a while since they did a live.

That is all for this week~~~(^-^)

Video upload w/ credits to sun201009 @ YT, translations by me.

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SCANDAL; TOMOMI joins “Domoto Band”

4-man girls band • SCANDAL’s bassist TOMOMI has joined the band 『Domoto Brothers Band』that’s formed on Fuji Terebi’s music programme『Shin Domoto Kyoudai』(Every Sunday • 11:15PM~) on the 11th (March).

We hear from the same programme’s producer Kikuchi Shin’s official blog that 「From now onwards, we have a new member that joined the Domoto Brothers Band! Bass’ TOMOMI from SCANDAL is now participating!!」

She has participated in the recording for the first time since the show begun 14 years ago. The ones that’ll guest on the 20th April episode broadcast is comedic trio Dachou Club and talent Tsuruno Takeshi. We look forward to it (and as written on the programme’s official blog)「Contents by Dachou-san’s Ueshima-san, Tsuyoshi-san, Koichi-san, Takamizawa-san, Nishikawa Takanori-san, TOMOMI is…looking extremely, extremely forward to everyone’s sacrifice!」

→ More: TOMOMI’s first appearance will be on the 6th April broadcast, which she will also participate in the talk corner. Meanwhile today, while Tomomi has gone for the Domoto Bros recording and will only join later on, the other three members are busying themselves by rehearsing for another separate live now.

Original article at Oricon News HERE, translated by me.

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SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; Strategy meeting on first fan meeting tonight~

SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; Strategy meeting on first fan meeting tonight~

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SCANDAL; “In My House” blogpost by MAMI☆*

I’ve got the keyboard type synthesizer Roland FA-06/08!! Mine’s the FA-06 61. I’ve been thinking from before about wanting a synthesizer, but I’m not a keyboardist and since I don’t have a reason to play it actively, I thought about finding something easy to understand and convenient when I’m driven to make music. I found it!

Also, everyone went to see miwa-chan’s live at the Yoyogi First Gymnasium today! Her intensity for songs is amazing after all! I think this everytime but where does that voice come from from that tiny little body (°_°) ...miwa-chan was really fabulous☆ I want us to do a live soon as well!!!

In the middle of the post, Mami also talks about creating songs on the computer with all sorts of exclusive software and equipment, and connecting the keyboard to the computer. She also talks about rhythmic patterns, audio interfaces (technical stuff) and generally promotes the synthesizer excitedly. She also praises miwa a lot, from her smile to her playing of the guitar to the staff dancing cutely during a song.

Other photos from @scandal_rina and @miwastaff.

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On 6th March 2014, it was announced that the SCANDAL MANIA APP will come to an end on 31st March 2014. This applies for both the iPhone and Android versions, and the end will also apply to the 「cafe」section inside the application.

Official statement from the SM Homepage: “For those in relation to the use of the SCANDAL MANIA application up till now, the service accompanied by NAVER’s management will come to an end at the end of March. Please continue to utilize the SCANDAL MANIA HP. From now on, do look over SCANDAL MANIA as well.

With the end of this free SM application, the only other mobile service that is available will be SCANDAL’s CLUB SCANDAL, which is a paid mobile service.

Screenshots by me. Sad to see the app go ~(>_<。)\)

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SCANDAL; “From Today Onwards” blogpost by TOMOMI☆

&#8220;The rehearsals for「Band Yarou Yo!!Vol.5」have begun. Just imagining it, that day, it&#8217;ll become the No.1 hottest live in Tokyo. Going to the studio to confirm all of this!&#8221;

SCANDAL; “From Today Onwards” blogpost by TOMOMI☆

The rehearsals for「Band Yarou Yo!!Vol.5」have begun. Just imagining it, that day, it’ll become the No.1 hottest live in Tokyo. Going to the studio to confirm all of this!

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