SCANDAL; It’s finally the ROCK IN JAPAN this weekend!! SCANDAL’s on 10th August (Sun), 12:50PM~LAKE STAGE!! Let’s see that scenery once more!” - @fumilife

SCANDAL; It’s finally the ROCK IN JAPAN this weekend!! SCANDAL’s on 10th August (Sun), 12:50PM~LAKE STAGE!! Let’s see that scenery once more!” - @fumilife

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SCANDAL; “Save The Princess!” blogpost by MAMI☆

Yesterday, I took a drive with TOMOMI and we went to have fun at Yomiuri Land. We went to rescue the princess of Daiya no Kuni!! It’s the Pokemon version of the Real Escape Game series. We got to participate. Sun visors of Xerneas and Yveltal (above). (We’re eating Dippin’ Dots donuts.)

We’re here to unravel the hidden mystery that’s within the park!! We walked plenty to get solutions to the riddles and without any problems, we were successful in getting Diancie out! It was hard (/ _ ; ) The prize for clearing it was a sparkly Diancie notebook☆ Although midway, we made a stopover at the roller-coasters 3 times )^o^(

At the time to go back, (here’s) TOMOMI having fun within the amusement park grounds. It seems that she’s into this playground equipment. Such great delight. Since I was the one that drove when we were going there, the return trip is driven by Teacher TOMOMI (the BGM was the sound of the winker). It was funー!! I want to drive again!

Returning safely, today is a studio DAY! I also gave a shot at singing songs. Once again, we’ve given birth to another precious piece of work! I want to convey this to everyone quickly. Looking forward☆~(ゝ。∂)

→ For those in Tokyo or Osaka till end-August and are interested in Pokemon, perhaps you might like to check out the Real Escape Game as well. Official website is HERE.


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SCANDAL; “Standby” blogpost by RINA☆

8/10 (Sun)「rockin’on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014 Supported by BOSE」@ Hitachi Seaside Park, 12:50~LAKE STAGE. With the end of the rehearsals, we’re all set! We’re worried about the rain but we definitely want to have the live. Praying for us to remain despite circumstances that may arise!

The new song meant for the September lives are underway☺︎ Do look forward to it! Tokyo 5 days, Osaka 5 days, we’ll be doing a total of 10 days. We’ll be holding our lives all the way in the same venue♩Our content is that everyday will feel like the first day. It’ll be a live where we’ll bring you the new song, however we’ll also be bringing the song we have up till now, of course☺︎ Tomorrow at 10:00~, the general ticket sales will begin! Let’s look forward to it together!

※Extra: Nails now. Pink. The salon is this store called deicy at Shibuya. I’ve alwayssss been under the care of the stylist-san, and we even have the exact same birth year, month and date☺︎

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Anonymous said: You said oversea sales are not counted in charts..but our money still reaches to scandal right? I wanna support them!!!

I believe many international fans, not just SCANDAL’s, have the exact same sentiments whenever we purchase an artist’s CDs or DVDs. The fact is that, at least since June 2014, only orders that are shipped within Japan are reflected in the Oricon music charts. Although they are no longer using the sales data and have yet to clarify what they do with it, Oricon is still collecting it.

I cannot tell you for sure where the revenue goes or how much of it goes where, but for certain a positive sales figure reflects an artist’s fanbase. I can only say the best way to support them still is to purchase their music legally, and I am sure your support will go through to them.

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SCANDAL; “TOKYO” blogpost by RINA☆

From the afternoon onwards till the moon came up, I’d been shooting in Tokyo. The image of Tokyo that everyone has shared was all correct and was interesting. Thank you! As I read that, I pressed the shutter. These streets that are packed with dreams and setbacks. That’s for certain.

It’s been approximately 5 years since I’d got to experience this, coming up to Tokyo, and these are precious streets that I call home now. Also from now onwards, I think this will be a place where all kinds of my own thoughts will continue to come together. Because we all want to have it in our hands; A little eagerness, with more warm people that you’ll imagine, that is not bad after all, TOKYO.

If you come to like it, I’ll be happy.

Translated by fyscandalband, post is also at SCANDALMEDIA HERE.

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SCANDAL; “Vegetables” blogpost by HARUNA☆

Bought (this) in Hawaii. I’ve gotten into the dressing set. I’d chose to add avocado in my foodstuff and smoothies as I like how it goes together, probably. Cute.

Tomorrow’s a rehearsal day♪

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SCANDAL; “Zenbu Dakishimete (I’ll Take Everything In My Arms)” blogpost by TOMOMI☆

It’s become this late but thanks to everyone who watched the OA for「Shin Domoto Kyoudai」! This round’s outfits (above). Shirt: BerBerJin (Vintage) / Pants: hirune / Sneakers: susan cianciolo. Boyish + pearl style.

Today, MAMI and I went for a drive. It’s been some time since I drove, so I’m nervous. There’s good weater♪

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SCANDAL; On TV Tokyo’s “Ohastar” (7th Aug)

Their second guesting on “Ohastar” in less than a month, SCANDAL is back to rank the top 3 Pokemon in which they’ll like to sing with! No.3 is Diancie! Haruna says in this latest movie as well, Diancie’s voice is really cute.

No.2 is Pikachu! Tomomi comments that it’s the rock star of the Pokemon World, and they hope it’ll attack with its thunderbolt energetically. Finally, it’s No.1, and it is Jigglypuff! Even in the Anime it is always targeting someone and singing, so when it comes to singing, it’s definitely Jigglypuff.

Haru ends off with promos for the movie and Yoake no Ryuuseigun.

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian @ YT, translation summary by fyscandalband.

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SCANDAL; “New !!” blogpost by HARUNA☆

♡MCM♡ I bought a new backpack.

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