SCANDAL's TOMOMI & RINA; glamb, LAYMEE exhibition

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FYSCANDALBAND will be on a semi-hiatus from 30 Jan (Thu) - 3 Feb (Mon)!

It’s the Chinese New Year period so I’ll be away for a bit ※ celebrating, lol. ※ During this short period, I’ll still try my best to update of course~

To all of fyscandalband’s followers who are celebrating this holiday as well, have a great Chinese New Year! (*^ー^)ノ

FYSCANDALBAND will be on a semi-hiatus from 30 Jan (Thu) - 3 Feb (Mon)!

It’s the Chinese New Year period so I’ll be away for a bit ※ celebrating, lol. ※ During this short period, I’ll still try my best to update of course~

To all of fyscandalband’s followers who are celebrating this holiday as well, have a great Chinese New Year! (*^ー^)ノ

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SCANDAL; “Private” blogpost by RINA☆

This was the book I returned reading to today. ‘Knock to Oto ga’ by Hoshi Shinichi. Shorts from 15 books. I like how Hoshi Shinichi-san’s writing style is so POP. In the little gap of time that I get, I’ll think, ‘Come on, let’s read’. Suspense, thrillers, comedy, regardless of the genre, I have fun getting into all sorts of conversations. I don’t often choose Comedy and such normally but it’s easy to be able to get into short conversations of such isn’t it? Novels-wise, I’m the sort which looks forward to afterwords as well.

I haven’t been blogging about the recent books or movies that I like recently, however as per usual, I love both. It is but only the same amount of excitement with the music whoever else makes, or the music that we make. I support whoever’s self-written novels or movies. I mean if they’re good novels. If in Japanese. If J-pop.

Rina also did write a bit about the current ‘Knock to Oto ga’ novel that she is reading. She also asks all her readers if anyone’s played the Sengoku BASARA4 game and if anyone’s heard ‘Runners high’. She also blogs about ‘glamb, LAYMEE’ exhibition and being glad to meet Taki Yukari-chan.

And on Twitter yesterday noon, Rina also tweeted about an artist from the same agency as them kevin, whose nostalgic song covers she’s been listening to.

★★ Sidetracking but: On the upcoming April 2014 issue of “Go!Go! GUITAR”, SCANDAL’s HARUNA will be on the front cover! There will also be an exclusive interview with the band and the band score on SCANDAL’s new song will be included too. “Go!Go! GUIAR” releases on the 27th each month. Info credits to Yamaha music media HERE. /yay for Haru on the front cover!! (^^)/

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Earlier last night, SCANDAL's TOMOMI and RINA attended the “glamb, LAYMEE” exhibition. (Those are both popular female fashion labels.) Translated a bunch of tweets in order of photos posted:

  • Sho (Press for glamb & LAYMEE): “Timo, Rinari, Kumicky has came since the first day (^O^) Everyone came and became good friends at the exhibition. I’m happy being on the side of the brand!!" (/ Timo also thanks him on Twitter)

  • TOMOMI; “I went to glamb, LAYMEE exhibition. This was cute!" (I cropped the photo on this post. Click the link for the full image.)

  • TOMOMI; “Timo, LAYMEE’s Sao-chan, Kumicky, Rina

  • Kimoto Yuki (Talent / Actress. Previously from SDN48); “Adorable. With SCANDAL’s Timo and Rina-chan. It’s been too long since (I saw) Timo so we were just running on high tensionnnn!!!!

  • TOMOMI; “A friend since back in the Osaka times, Taki Yukari-chan. Reunited by chance." (/ Yukari replied to Tomomi that she’s absolutely overjoyed as well)

  • Taki Yukari (with RINA); “What is with this doll-like person!! She’s too cute〜♡w" (/ RINA replies to Yukari that since it’s been so long, she was nervious but as Yukari is kind, she was really happy. She also thanks her.)

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SCANDAL’s RINA; On Pearl’s “Girls” Talk Session

Rina is featured on the Pearl drums catalog, along with many other female drummers. She also participates in an all-girl interview with SHOW-YA’s Tsunoda Miki, Kobayashi Kaori and BLiSTER / THE LEAPS’ NANA-A.

You can also check out the full catalog in online PDF over HERE. (Warning: Large file size)

Extra trivial: Pearl Corporation (or simply Pearl) is a huge distributor of drums and percussion instruments. It was actually founded in Tokyo in 1952 and is today endorsed by many big names from Red Hot Chilli Peppers to KISS to Dir en Grey.

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SCANDAL on Tuesday night’s (28 Jan) RADIO DRAGON’s 「Doors」programme aka “SCANOMICS”! So Tomomi has been going for her practices and with Mami too. Haruna asks her if she’s going to be able to get it (the license) and Tomomi replies that it’s definitely possible. She’s been told by others around her that you won’t fail beyond 3 times but she is still worried after all. Haruna then does the regular fanmail. They also air ‘Koi no Kajitsu' on the programme (which went on to trend at #1 for a short period of time on Twitter (HERE)).

SCANDAL also received a lot of fanmail on their new song ‘Runners high’, especially from students. One 18-year-old listener even told the girls that after listening to their song, he decided to aim to go pro even though he previously had thoughts of giving up (which must be very nice for SCANDAL). Another student who’s going to take the entrance examination for university said their new song, especially the lyrics, were really intense and has influenced him/her to not give up on his/her dream. Haruna then shares with everyone about writing the lyrics, which was just right before their Osaka-jo Hall live. Although she has been given the task, she was feeling uncertain and wondered, “Can I really do this?" But with these uncertain feelings, she wrote the lyrics as she wanted to, thinking she doesn’t want to give up.

More fanmail time, as yet another student about to take his exams says that when he listened to ‘Runners high' for the first time, he actually cried. He was having some trouble with Math even as a 3rd year student but he said SCANDAL's songs supported him. SCANDAL goes on to babble a bunch about Haruna being the 'answering own self's questions' type.

This week’s SOBOKU questions is about what sort of underground food do the girls like. Mami blurts out Natto (Japanese fermented soybeans), in which Rina admits she has never ever ate natto before. Mami encourages her to definitely try it properly before saying she likes mentai (pollock, a sort of cod fish. That’s where everyone’s fave mentaiko/marinated roe comes from). Haruna likes celery (because she also likes salad), in which Rina remarks that is so grown-up-like. More next week!

Video upload w/ credits to sun201009 @ YT, translations by me. I am actually unsure of this week’s SOBOKU corner translations so kindly take it with a pinch of salt.

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SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; Rina hasn’t ate Natto (fermented soybeans) before?

SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; Rina hasn’t ate Natto (fermented soybeans) before?

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Lady DrummersKaori Kobayashi, SCANDAL RINA, Mittan’s SHOW-YA & Nana-A’s The Leaps



Lady Drummers

Kaori Kobayashi, SCANDAL RINA, Mittan’s SHOW-YA & Nana-A’s The Leaps

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SCANDAL; “SCANOMICS has begun!! Also right now, they have come to Tokyo FM for the recording of SCANOMICS. Waiting for HARUNA to join us after her training!!”

SCANDAL; “SCANOMICS has begun!! Also right now, they have come to Tokyo FM for the recording of SCANOMICS. Waiting for HARUNA to join us after her training!!

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SCANDAL; SCANDAL to participate in DREAMS COMES TRUE’s 25th Anniversary Cover Album

DREAMS COME TRUE will welcome their 25th Anniversary since debut on 21st March (this year). It has been confirmed that on 26th March, a cover album on the group’s most popular songs will be released, titled 「Watashi to Dorikamu -DREAMS COME TRUE 25th ANNIVERSARY BEST COVERS-」.

This work has been announced and planned by (DREAM COME TRUE’s) recording company, EPIC Records Japan, to celebrate their 25th Anniversary since their debut on 21st March 1989. With the voices of Dorikamu’s favourite artists, including E-girls, Ikimono gakari, HY, Otsuka Ai, Koda Kumi, JUJU, SCANDAL, Nakashima Mika, Flower, BENI, Ms.OOJA, Mizuki Nana and miwa, a total of 13 artists will be challenging themselves with these covers. Dorikamu, who has been at the front of Japan’s music scene for a quarter of a century has somewhat been influencing a huge amount of artists in this time.

★ SCANDAL’s comment ★: “Us SCANDAL will be bringing the cover of ‘Osaka LOVER’ in the cover album this round. As a band hailing from Osaka, this is a song in which the lyrics paint a very real scenery for our imagination and which has felt very close to us since from the past. During the fun recording, the conversation of 「We sing this often at karaokes, don’t we?」came up, as as far as we can remember, (that’s what we did) while we gathered for band practice (together) in Osaka in the past. We’re happy to be able to bring forth a cover of a song that has emotional attachment to us! Being more adult-like today, while listening to this again brings a sudden tight feeling at different phrases, and being able to cover this has made us like Osaka LOVER even more. At the end of last year, we went to watch DREAMS COME TRUE-san’s live at the Osaka-jo Hall. We will never ever forget how it was like listening to Osaka LOVER live for the first time. Either way, we think DREAMS COME TRUE-san’s songs brings out many thoughts in many people. We will be happy if listeners can also get into the SCANDAL ver. of Osaka LOVER.

The full tracklist is as follows (in order of phonics):

  • E-girls「Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!」

  • Ikimono gakari「Mirai Yosou zu II」

  • HY「Kessen wa Kinyoubi」

  • Otsuka Ai「ROMANCE」

  • Koda Kumi「IT’S SO DELICIOUS」

  • JUJU「Su Ki」


  • Nakashima Mika「Yasashii Kiss wo Shite」

  • Flower「Nando Demo」

  • BENI「Sankyuu.」


  • Mizuki Nana「Egao no Yukue」

  • miwa「LOVE LOVE LOVE」

Pre-order links below:

Translation and edits by me, original article at natalie HERE. Official Dorikamu 25th Anniversary cover album SP site HERE. Post edited as of 30 Jan, 4:31PM (JST). Pre-order links now included.

Note: The band DREAMS COME TRUE is a pop-rock duo, who’ve released 35 albums and 53 singles to date (36th album and 54th single coming up).

★ Extra: On tonight’s SCANOMICS (28th Jan), bassist TOMOMI will share her recent happenings during practice. Also, SCANDAL will share their thoughts on ‘Runners high’ aimed towards students preparing for their exams as well as plenty of fanmail. Translation will be up by tonight (probably ^^;).

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