SCANDAL on Tuesday night’s (24 Jun) RADIO DRAGON’s 「Doors」programme aka “SCANOMICS”! SCANDAL’s messages straight after the Osaka-Jo Hall live will be aired on this episode, but firstly, we have some post-live comments from the fans. One fan said, “It’s been a long time since my last live but it was high from the start till the end and I had a lot of fun”, while another went, “The passion was amazing, and so was the WAVE and the harmony." Another fan then comments, "It was fun getting to see SCANDAL from all angles and also their gestures" whilst another female fan said, "You couldn’t have imagined anything starting from ‘DOLL’. I was gasping when MAMI did ‘Koe’! I never thought it’d come.

SCANDAL’s OJH backstage comments are aired next. MAMI speaks first. She says to stand in front of 12,000 people and see such a scenery had made her feel extremely blissful. For Tomomi, her second time at the OJH was more relaxed (as compared to the first) and it was fun being able to see everyone’s faces carefully. Rina says that although it’d been raining before the live that day but here are people from overseas and from all over the country gathered together and as this live had been extremely special, she was glad to have had a good time. She wishes to do this again and see everyone’s faces once more. Last but not least, Haruna says her second time was more calm but despite that, she couldn’t stop feeling excited right from the start till end. She felt relaxed seeing all of the audience at the 360° stage, and she wants for another time to happen.

The band continues to speak about how the excitement outweighed the nervousness, and they’d really been able to see audience during the performances this round. They also learned that they had a good response from everyone about the setlist and breathed a sigh of relief as they’d given it a lot of thought. Rina says they’d been going through this without forgetting the element of surprise and she’s happy for this. ~Now, we’re back at the studio for the rest SCANOMICS! In the studio, the band still continues the 360° talk, from the stage to the upcoming Yokohama Arena lives.

After ‘Yoake no Ryuuseigun" plays, Haruna says about how you can also check out the Yokohama Arena lives via TV even if you can’t be there live. She then reads out some messages that will be going for the Yoko-Are concerts. One male fan says it’s his first time going to any live and he’s feeling nervous going for the one on the 28th. He’ll be alone but he’s absolutely looking forward to it. Another male fan says he’ll be going for the 29th June live and it’s also his first time. As a fan of SCANDAL, he’s also bought DVDs and CDs in anticipation for this time’s live and to remember the members and the songs. He will be looking forward to the live while imagining how the setlist will be. The band is very thankful for this. Last but not least, another fan that will be attending the Yoko-Are lives as well. He will be attending the bus tour. Rina and Haru promotes about how the bus tour’s goodies are really attractive, and you also get to get to the tour goods first.

The weekend is coming up and as the band’s first time doing 2 days at the Yokohama Arena, they will put all their strength into it. After “Departure" has played and the regular promos are done, it is the SOBOKU corner. And on this week’s SOBOKU, the question is: ‘What popcorn flavour do you like?’ Haru and Timo are quick to say salted, and Rina also agrees. (There’s some discussion and they change it to salted buttered popcorn.) Timo notes that there are plenty of flavours such as caramel and all. Mami says recently there’s a caramel and cheese flavour even and when she ate it, it was delicious. Timo even had a cream soda flavour before. But after all, it seems like salted buttered flavour is overall the best.

Video upload w/ credits to sun201009 @ YT, translations by fyscandalband.

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We’re very much obliged to this year as well, ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014. Not long ago, the timetable has been announced! Final day 8/10(Sun) 12:50~, we’ll be invading the LAKE STAGE. Come have fun yeah!

Recently, I’ve been reading “JAPAN“‘s editor-in-chief, Yamasaki Youichirou’s column. What a wonderful person.

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The timetable for ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014 is finally out, and SCANDAL will be performing on the LAKE STAGE on 10th August (Sun), which is also the very final day of the music fes.

SCANDAL will share the same stage with a couple of big names, including Sukima Switch, Kato Miliyah and ORANGE RANGE.

For the complete timetables, click HERE.

Official RIJF 2014 Website HERE, RIJF 2013 screenies by fyscandalband.

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SCANDAL; “Relax” blogpost by HARUNA☆

Moving towards the lives at Yokohama Arena on the 28th, 29th, there’s been plenty of preparations interwoven! Fun Fun Fun! It’s precisely a night of FESTIVAL! I’m looking forward.

Following on on 10th August’s appearance, ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014's timetable has been announced! Let's spend hot, hot days at this year's Summer together as well.

Well then, I’ll rest my body today, slowly soaking in the bath. Once it becomes warm, I’ll end it off with a shower (such circumstances). My bath salt is Epsom Salt. I’ve recently gotten into organic products.

tops&bottoms / BLACK by moussy • shoes / Jeffrey Campbell • bag / Prada. Simple is BEST!!

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SCANDAL; “Today, Things To Say” blogpost by RINA☆

From this morning onwards today, we did the final preparations moving towards the Yokohama Arena performances this weekend. We’ll be in production till the very last moment. It’ll be soonー! Hyaー I want to do this soon!

Went to have dinner with the members are night ☺︎ It took a lot of stamina from the Yakaniku-shop-san. It was surprising when the intro of「Departure」came flowing out! It’s probably the first time in which when all 4 of us are on the streets and we’re hearing our own song…I was happy ☺︎

Following on, this was announced! We’ll be on the final day on the 10th August (Sun), doing a live on 12:50~at the LAKE STAGE. Well, Summer is comingー I’m looking so forward to it!

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Haruna blog post~

SCANDAL; “Good Morning” blogpost by HARUNA☆

Yesterday was the recording for TFM’s SCANOMICS. Each week is relayed with excitement! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and such on the new song♪

Once the recording ended, I quickly went to have dinner with Nakayama Yuka-chan. Grilled Chicken (Gold Gorgonzola Sauce)

Also, since everyone was happy the last time, this time too (referring to outfit posts)★

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SCANDAL; Interview on Barks Japan

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A special seminar to be held by the drummer「RINA」has been fast confirmed, from the largely popular girls band that everyone regardless of gender boasts of!! Inclusive of talks, Q&As and commentary by friends, it’s a premium seminar in which you can watch her play her very best from a close distance. You might actually even get to go up stage!?

Held at ESP Musical Academy at Tokyo’s Takadanobaba on 29th July 2014, this seminar is open via applications. ESP Musical Academy is a leading school that specialises in musical education, and events such as the Copy-Band and Vocalist Contest and annual COLORS live, which has seen SCANDAL performing on them, is also jointly organised by the school.

Results for the application will be determined by lottery and winners will be picked on 22nd July 2014. Further details will then be announced via E-mail. Applications cease on 18th July 2014 at 6PM (JST). Kindly find the form HERE.

ESP Musical Academy Official Website HERE, write-up translation by me. I am expecting commentary by the SCANDAL members and her close drummer friends, hmm.

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SCANDAL's “SCANDAL ARENA LIVE 2014" goods are now on sale!

Goods from the「360°」and「FESTIVAL」lives have / will be made online, via the Kitty Web Shop. Orders for the above goods have started since earlier today (24th June) and are limited-edition goods from the 22nd June Osaka show.

Goods from the「FESTIVAL」lives will begin come 30th June 2014, 12AM.

Do check out the Kitty Web Shop HERE.

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SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; “After the Osaka-Jo Hall Live, Fastest Interview♪”

SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; “After the Osaka-Jo Hall Live, Fastest Interview♪

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