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SCANDAL; 2014 inochi Festa set list + tweets (translated)

Full set list →

  • Yoake no Ryuuseigun

  • Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY

  • Place of life (New song)

Related tweets (in chronological order, translated) →

  • MAMI: “Thank you very much! In this tune, life was newly sheltered. Thank you! RT @scandal_band: 「2014 inochi Festa」has ended! Thank you very much to those gathered at Nakanoshima Park! It’s been a short time, however, the new song「Place of life」was performed for the first time today!

  • RINA: “Thank you very much! It’s been an extraordinarily warm space! How wonderful.” / “Goods' iPhone case☺︎

  • HARUNA: “Today, we participated in the「2014 inochi Festa」at Osaka • Nakanoshima Park! We also performed, for the first time, the song that we made just for today,「place of life」★ Thank you very much to everyone who were gathered today ^^ Please, do come have fun our one-man (lives)!

  • TOMOMI: “Everyone who’d gathered, thank you! It was a splendid time.

Set-list w/ thanks @yu_vii, translations by fyscandalband. Others: @KMaopechi0629.

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SCANDAL’s MAMI; On KBC Kujou Asahi’s “V3” (Mami cut)

Continuing on for September 20th; Good Evening, this is SCANDAL’s guitarist, Mami. ‘V3’, which brings everyone that most talked-about songs each week, has welcomed their 20th Anniversary in August. With that, this month, us SCANDAL will be appearing as special emcees. In the third week, I, Mami will be in-charge. Tonight, I shall bring to you the contents. Firstly, from this week’s line-up onwards.

Video upload w/ thanks to narusan @ YT. “V3” CM featuring all members over HERE. I only translated the first half of it (the rest are all in little snippets, not much.) Rina and Tomomi’s are HERE and HERE respectively. Next week, Haruna will be up.

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SCANDAL on Tuesday night’s (16 Sep) RADIO DRAGON’s 「Doors」programme aka “SCANOMICS”! SCANDAL is in midst of their 10DAYS tour! The contents will only be revealed in detail after the entire tour. Haruna begins to read some fan-letters, and the first is from a young male fan who will attend his first live ever on the 18th Sep. As his father had ever once been in the band fever, the father popped out with an electric guitar and played songs by X JAPAN and GLAY even. As SCANDAL has mentioned on last week’s episode that there will be lockers and it is better to wear sneakers (to the live), is there anything he should bring as a SCANDAL fan? Rina says it’s best to come in casual clothes and be empty-handed, but to enjoy it better, bring along a towel. Also as well as tickets, if not you’ll regret it. Do also keep a ¥500 coin in your pocket for drinks inside the venue. SCANDAL promises that they will give their best for the live as well.

After “LOVE SURVIVE" plays, SCANDAL says, as the 10DAYS live is currently underway, they shall talk about ‘this and that’ on today’s programme. Since the band has appeared on arena lives and festivals, how is it for them to change their attitudes? Rina says regarding the size of the venue, it is definitely different but their determination has only gotten bigger. Basically, they will wish to do a live that is enjoyable to themselves and return with good memories, which doesn’t change despite any size. Mami says as this is a live with a theme, it’s kinda like the 360° live in which the set list will revolve about 360° or like FESTIVAL, which will come with a festival-like theme; This 10DAYS live will also revolve around that. The band will also take care regarding the outfits. Haruna says it is more relaxed though, as the distance between them and the fans is smaller and they can feel closer. The MC atmosphere will also be different (but in short everything is different based on the venue and capacity). SCANDAL says recently, they’ve taken reference from “Mas que Nada”, in which they’ll bring its relaxed atmosphere to the stage.

SCANDAL has gone through many stages in which they were influenced by various artists, such as Ramones' “Rock ’n’ Roll High School”, and then they played on stage in uniforms. Also, there was a time where they were influenced by The Beatles too. But mostly at live-houses, they just went with a loose atmosphere and what they liked, playing music that others can listen to every day. In the 8 years since they’ve debuted, they have done all kinds of lives, however have they changed since they started out? Rina says for sure, the feelings they have standing on stage now is considerably different. In the past, they’ll always do MCs starting off with, ‘Pleased to meet you for the first time, we are SCANDAL!’; As time continued and fans got to know their songs, there’s joy in arranging songs on CDs, and they’ll think lots about added surprises. Thanks to everyone, she’s able to relax doing lives. Haruna says each year, they’ll appear on many events and they would do songs they’ve done before as like the previous year. People would react that they know the songs and this year, she really felt it, such as at ROCK IN (FESTIVAL).

Reading another fanmail, a fan asks what’s the difference between a one-man live and a two-man live (without stating the obvious)? Rina says at a two-man live, there are also lots of fans of the other band, so they’ll perform songs that are easier to recognize for everyone (such as the signature tunes or singles~). Everyone is also very friendly and they get to know it on the day itself. Be it for one-man or two-man lives, SCANDAL takes pride in both and love both. Right now, they’re in midst of doing a live and performing new songs, but from now on, they’ll continue to make new songs and convey them to everyone. They then play “S.L.Magic" on SCANOMICS.

This week’s SOBOKU is: When it comes to spice level, what are the girls’ limits? How spicy is spicy for each of them? Tomomi says she likes it a little bit spicy but when the food’s on the way, there’ll be a slight sense of dread. SCANDAL discusses about eating curry, and most often for Haruna when she has it at home, it’s kinda sweet (for Japanese curry). Tomomi says she’ll like to have a go at tasting just a mouthful first (before buying the whole thing). Most places will have a spice-level too, so mostly you just have to judge for yourself. Rina says it is just important that no one see that you are troubled over (the spice level).

Haruna reveals that on next week’s SCANOMICS, there seems to be a sort of announcement so let’s see what it is. Till the next week!

Video upload w/ credits to solfaman @ YT, translations by fyscandalband. For more SCANOMICS translations, they can be found HERE.

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SCANDAL; “Shoujo S” Cover by Goose House

Goose House is a musical unit that has been active since year 2011, and based on the concept of singer-songwriters / unusual musicians that gather together like in a ‘share-house’. They currently have 7 members, and are famous for covering songs, holding regular lives (once per month) on U-Stream.

They have also contributed original songs to Animes such as “Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji)" and also, the upcoming October Anime, "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso”. They have also been featured in YUI’s “SHE LOVES YOU" cover album compilation, in which SCANDAL were also a part of by covering YUI’s "How crazy”.

They have also been featured on hit music programme, MUSIC STATION (20 Jun) HERE.

Above are two members covering SCANDAL's hit song, “Shoujo S

Video upload w/ thanks to Goose House @ YT. It’s always nice to see other professional musicians cover SCANDAL’s tunes (:

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SCANDAL; “05/10” blogpost by RINA☆

Everyone who’d came to the live tonight, I’ll like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart! Did you enjoy yourselves? It’s the first time that we got to do 5 days worth of lives at the same venue. It sets your heart pounding. I did the live today thinking, ‘I want to see everyone’s faces as much as I possibly can!’

I’ve received power from the blissful smiles! The people who like us but couldn’t make it for the lives, the people who came many times to the lives; There’s all kinds of people, but I think everybody’s important. Thank you for listening to our music and leading on with your lives! Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a good day too…

※ Extra: It looks like a pair of ears today (referring to hairstyle) ☺︎

※ Extra 2: I had shabu shabu with the staff that we got along well with, and the members after the live! It’s a good, delectable time. I was healed. Thankful.

Now then, the people in Osaka! We’ve kept you waiting! Next up is you guys’ turn! Are you well-prepared?

SCANDAL 10DAYS tag @ fyscandalband HERE. Latest blogpost photos & translations are now up!

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SCANDAL; “day 5!!” blogpost by MAMI☆

SCANDAL LIVE HOUSE “10 DAYS”「Kyu ni Kitemoratte Gomen. 2014~Shinkyoku Yaru Kara Kiiteyo~」fifth day!! Tokyo • Akasaka BLITZ final!! Everyone who’d came across, thank you very much!!!

My hair, I tried to see how it is as a ribbon☺︎ Plop Ploーp. Today I got the square pouch. Along with the colour and shape of course, I’m fixated with the width of the gusset, right up to the fastener☆ The illustration of the headphone is cute♪ To put small items in this size, there’s no doubt that it will play an active part☝︎

And then, before the LIVE, it came out! Gin no Enzeru!! What a day!!!

The final day of Akasaka BLITZ, it was really, really fun! It was the best!! I have a mountain-like pile of things to say, however…I’ll see you the day after♥︎ 10DAYS, it’s still continuing on alrightー! Next up is Osaka • Dojima River Forum!! Wait for us! Osaka!!! Those who have participated in the battle with us, kindly rest well☺︎

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Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian @ DM. RIJF 2014 tag at fyscandalband HERE.

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SCANDAL; “FIVE” blogpost by HARUNA☆

“10DAYS, fifth day! Thank you very much for the last day in Tokyo ^^ I have plenty that I wish to say, however (I’ll say it) when all 10 days have ended alright! Next up, everyone in Osaka, wait for usー\(^o^)/*”

“Today, hair that’s weaved withinー!!”

SCANDAL 10DAYS tag @ fyscandalband HERE.

SCANDAL; “FIVE” blogpost by HARUNA☆

“10DAYS, fifth day! Thank you very much for the last day in Tokyo ^^ I have plenty that I wish to say, however (I’ll say it) when all 10 days have ended alright! Next up, everyone in Osaka, wait for usー\(^o^)/*”

Today, hair that’s weaved withinー!!

SCANDAL 10DAYS tag @ fyscandalband HERE.

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