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  • HARUNA: “Thank you~! I brought my friend along, what do you think?

  • RINA: “Ah, that red thing on your shoulder right? I was surprised, I thought something weird happened to Haruna in such a short time (laughs). Our outfits changed~

  • HARUNA: “We’ve changed into something of a more dressy feel.

  • RINA: “With the change of clothing, the feel sort of changes a bit too.

  • HARUNA: “Right, but surely the people watching on WOWOW right now (from her right), if I’m shot from here I wonder if anyone can see my face.

  • TOMOMI: “Ahah, you friend hid you. Can’t see at all (laughs)

  • HARUNA: “Right now I’m being shot right. Really, it’s all only just fur. That’s why with all my might….I shall face this side.

  • HARUNA: “Somehow or rather, we’ve got to stand on this stage many times due to events. The first time we were here, if there’s this main stage here, there’s still one more sub stage there.

  • RINA: “Right now with the stage set there, a red walkway was made. There’s an event that had a sub-stage, where we first appeared, still a band in uniform. We did lives while there was a change of instruments at the main stage, and our own staff-san stood in a line watching. That time we were extremely happy to have done a live at the Yokohama Arena, but it’s even more so to do a one-man live. Thank you very much!

  • HARUNA: “There are many people who came from afar today, and it’s even a Sunday. We feel blessed to be making merry here, really. Isn’t it Tomo-chan, it’s an amazing view isn’t it.

  • TOMOMI: “For sure it is. My hometown is actually Hyogo prefecture, but we know the Yokohama Arena even. To stand here is amazing, looking at so many people. It’s the best indeed, thank you~

  • MAMI: “It’s the 25th Anniversary at the Yokohama Arena and to do this in midst of carving history in addition, I’m extremely happy. I’ll like to burn everyone into my memory. To look at this scenery, I think I’m too happy and my tension’s so high that I can’t even turn around (laughs).

  • RINA: “You know, we recently gathered all the songs we wanted to perform and it was an amazing number. It surpassed 100 songs, all the songs that we’ve created. It’s been what, around 6 years since we’d debuted. This year’s the 6th. Somehow, feeling all the years and number of songs together, as I’m creating songs in my own home and I’m writing the lyrics alone, sending off the members and coming up with the melody. I’m thinking now the songs born from my home are what I’ll like to convey to thousands, like how much I love lives, really.

  • HARUNA: “We’re standing here at the Yokohama Arena’s 25th Anniversary. That’s why even at Yokohama Arena’s 50th Anniversary, we’ll like to do a live here. That’s after a quarter of a century.

  • TOMOMI: “That’s 50 years into the Heisei Era. Isn’t that amazing, Heisei 50 years. Would that even come?

  • SCANDAL: “It’ll come, definitely.

  • TOMOMI: “It’s unbelievable.

  • HARUNA: “~To have everyone come here and to have this moment with all, really, it’s the best ever. Thank you so much.

Translation / screenies by fyscandalband. It’s just a rough translation and not precisely word for word but there you go!

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SCANDAL’s TOMOMI; “Shin Domoto Kyoudai” 29th June (Full show)

As previously blogged about HERE, the guests are Kanda Sayaka and May J. Timo does not participate in this week’s talk session.

May J.’s performance of “Let It Go ~ Ari no Mama de~" begins from 23:10 onwards, which Tomomi is involved in.

Video upload w/ thanks to ★Hoshipi324 @ DM!

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SCANDAL ARENA LIVE 2014『FESTIVAL』@Yokohama Arena 2days. Everyone who came down, thank you very much!!! First ever Yokohama Arena one-man!!

The first time we did a LIVE at Yokohama Arena was 5 years back. Thanks to an event for inviting us, we came and performed at a sub-stage in our uniforms. At that time, rather than enjoyment, we performed frantically while being unable to face the front. However, to come back to do a one-man LIVE on this stage that is FESTIVAL, I performed while burning the scenery into my memory, into my brain, into my heart, as I looked constantly at the figures of everyone who came.

Thank you for the best smiles!!! I enjoyed it from the very bottom of my heart!!! I am blessed!! In order to do LIVES in this place again for many times, I will devote myself to this day after day!!! Also, this year is the 25th Anniversary of the Yokohama Arena! Congratulations! It’s a memorable year and I’m happy to have our names carved at the Yokohama Arena with everyone!!! Once again we have created another special day!!! Waーーーーiii!!!

Everyone who watched WOWOW’s live broadcast, thanks as well!! How was it?? (((o(゚▽゚)o))) Next time, please! I’m thinking of spending time together being in the same space☆ A『SCANDAL Special』will be aired on 21st July yes♪ From the Budokan performance in year 2012, to last year’s Osaka-Jo Hall performance, then to this round’s Yokohama Arena performance! 3 continuous LIVE footage will be streamed! Don’t miss this one as wellーー! Get wild in front of the TV(((o(゚▽゚)o)))!

Ahーー, there’s plenty that I wish to convey! I can’t write it!! (laughs) Really, I feel so, so blessed. Thank you!!!!! Everyone, do work hard from tomorrow onwards as well, as I will be too. Let’s do our best!! It was the best night everーーー!!!!!! Ah, lastly. A green crown on top of my orange head. That’s completely the colour of a carrot. Anyway, there is a bird on this crown. It’s a bird with a glittery beak! Piー!

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  • HARUNA: “Good evening, this is SCANDAL! Welcome to SCANDAL ARENA LIVE 2014 ‘FESTIVAL’! How are you feeling, Yokohama Arena! More, how are you feeling Yokohama Arena! Yay. Today’s FESTIVAL y’know. Many, many people came to the venue today. Also today, thanks to WOWOW-san, this is being live broadcast.

  • TOMOMI: “There are plenty of cameras aren’t there

  • HARUNA: “Everyone’s watching on TV as well. There’s really plenty of cameras right?

  • TOMOMI: “Yeah, take a look over there. The wires are all connected from there, allll the way to over there.

  • HARUNA: “That’s why, let us convey this passion adequately shall we! …Today right, it’s mainly cloudy on the weather report and it’d rained. But now the outside’s in a state of fine weather isn’t it. (※ Due to lightning (at that moment), the broadcast is down in the Kanto area.) I’m pretty sure that everyone’s fighting spirit has been conveyed. That’s why with the passion you brought, let it all out today in this place. Let us sing together, smile together, dance together. Everyone here, let’s make this the best night ever!

Translation / screenies by fyscandalband. Had to laugh a bit at the part about ‘fine weather’. SCANDAL is our favourite ame-band after all XD

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SCANDAL ‘FESTIVAL’; Bitter Chocolate → Haruka → Rainy → Taiyou Scandalous → Space Ranger

Upload w/ thanks to scandollvox2 @ G+!

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SCANDAL; “FESTIVAL at Yokohama Arena DAY2” blogpost by RINA☆

Everyone who’s carried us this far and everyone who has enjoyed WOWOW-san’s live broadcast, thank you very much! With the announcement of the Arena performances, we’ve moved ahead with all our might for about half a year’s time. Thanks to everyone, we created a wonderful night ourselves. I’m really happy. I have plenty of「Thank yous!」. In each and every night, I hope it’ll remain in everyone’s hearts forever…

Once again from now on, we’ll still do our best! Kindly treat us well from tomorrow onwards as well! Again, may we all enjoy fun things together!

※Extra: Next time it’s THIS!

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SCANDAL; “Thank You” blogpost by HARUNA☆

Yokohama Arena 2days has ended ^^ All those whom came and those who watched the WOWOW live broadcast today, thank you very much! The showy name「FESTIVAL」was appropriate, and was the best, happiest live. I thought that everyone’s smiles and voices were something to be treasured. I want to say thank you, no matter how many times. We will aim higher, and work even more!

This is the eye make-up for the 2nd day. Lamelame. (It looks like I’m crying from the audience seats.) Erika came to watch as well. Thank you♪


Harua blog update~

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Upload w/ thanks to scandollvox2 @ G+!

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Upload w/ thanks to scandollvox2 @ G+!

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