SCANDAL; Flying-get day for SCANDAL’s “Yoake no Ryuuseigun”

Includes photos from HMV Okazaki, TOWER RECORDS Shibuya & Kintetsu and various fans who’d gotten their copy of YnR today! TOWER RECORDS Shibuya is also featuring a series of panels this week, dedicated to SCANDAL on the 3rd floor of the store!

Do order your copies of YnR to support SCANDAL HERE!

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SCANDAL; “Yoake no Ryuuseigun” singles

It’s the flying-get day today for SCANDAL’s YnR singles! I got my LE copies early this morning so I thought I’ll share them here! Also comes with the B2-sized ad poster.

In the DVD, SCANDAL also brings you along behind-the-scenes for their May “Kyu ni Kite Gomen. In Kita" tour, which involves the girls, besides performing, visiting the zoo, walking in parks and having barbeques. It was really fun for me to watch (held myself back from all the internet leaks ;__;). RINA has also blogged about the DVD earlier before, which you can read HERE.

Please support SCANDAL in the best way by buying the original! You can still order your copies HERE ^^

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Anonymous said: thank you so much for translating that Ototabi entry. i always love and read al your translations of course, but that one just is really extra special for me to read... ;;

You’re very welcome! That Ototabi entry was really gripping indeed, let me join you in the ship of feels o(;ω;)o

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SCANDAL; On Nihon Terebi’s “PON!” (15 Jul)

Appearing on NTV’s “PON!” this morning, SCANDAL introduces watermelon and sweets on the programme! The shop, Kozakuraya is located in Aichi, Nagoya, and the sweet that SCANDAL recommends is the watermelon-flavoured manju, also called “Suika Dorobou (Watermelon thief).”

The last part from HARUNA, “It’s also been prepared in the studio. Eat the Watermelon Thief and please have it capture your heart!

Video upload w/ thanks to scandollvox2 @ YT, description by fyscandalband. The official website for Kozakuraya is HERE. This post is also available at SCANDALMEDIA HERE.

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Images for the external bonuses for SCANDAL's “Yoake no Ryuuseigun" have finally been released! More below, in accordance to the pictures above:

  • Original B2-sized Poster: The stores found HERE will be having this as the external bonus. CDJ is confirmed to have this, while stocks last. The Pokemon ver. poster at CDJ is already unavailable.

  • Sony Music Shop Pokemon ver. Poster: The Pokemon ver. of the single will include a ‘Mega Dianshi & Pikachu’ B2-size Original Poster.

  • Member Coaster: Depending on the CD shop you’re getting from, it could feature a solo member. TOWER RECORDS → HARUNA, HMV → RINA, TSUTAYA → MAMI, Shinseido → TOMOMI

  • Sony Music Shop Pre-Order: If you pre-order all 3 types (not including the Pokemon ver.), you will receive an original notebook along with stickers.

For major pre-order links and more information, the YnR page is HERE.

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→ Order link HERE @ CDJ!

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fantaken audio of Koe (MAMI solo at Osaka-jo hall concert) at ARENA LIVE 2014 360°

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SCANDAL; “Ototabi” Broadcast Contents

This round, the ones going on a journey in search of sound is…SCANDAL. The place of departure SCANDAL has selected for ‘Ototabi’ is Kyobashi station, a place that is 15-minutes max by train from Shin-Osaka. The reason for selecting this place is…

Kyobashi, Osaka is where there was a school where these 4 had the chance of forming a band. At that time, they would come from each of their hometowns to gather together in Kyobashi during the weekends, stimulated by practices.

During the time the band was formed, the mere radius of 500m from Kyobashi station were these girls’「World」…This scenery…the sounds they got used to, sparking memories of that period of hardship…their feet bringing them naturally to the band’s place of formation.

Up to now, (Caless) was a prestigious music school in which many artists have been sent out into the society. When their time approached, SCANDAL has lessons together with the seniors in their school. At that point of time, the girls didn’t have their instruments and were only encouraged by dance as their only weapon.

With dance hammered into them, the girls’ direction from the school had hurriedly became that of a formation of a band. The 4 people who practically aren’t acquainted with each other were grouped to be a band…without knowing anything as it is, there was nothing they could do about dancing as their life took a complete turn and they went forth with the band activities that they could not get used to.

They started their life as a band, that is mixed with joy and insecurity. A nostalgic sound appears as they thought of then…

8m from the school’s backdoor. There was a mansion where they girls would lodge together every weekend. The noise that came flowing from there were their lives at the point.

Right next to the school the girls went to was a cafe-restaurant that was famous for its cakes. Returning after practice, they stopped and stood here as if it were like those days…

There was a sweet scent of cakes from the kitchen. They took a smell as they dreamed of the days where they’ll eat, using the money they’ve earned themselves. After that, with sound coming from above, the memories came…

While they listened to the sound of the train rushing by, they watched the cake in the kitchen that time. Only during the birthday of a member, they would share the cheapest Profiterole amongst the 4 of them. It’s been 6 years since then. The taste of that…

Next, we’re headed for…

A bakery that holds memories, 500m from Kyobashi station. They’d visit here often after practice. Going into the shop after 6 years…

That time, RINA and MAMI would come and go into the store. They’d always receive bread crust from the shop’s old lady. They could never forget, up till now, that gentle voice that said,「Take this and go.

It’s been 6 years since then. That person has…

The never-changing, gentle voice of that shop assistant has them welling up with feelings.

With that, there’s a taste of thankfulness that they can’t possibly forget. Looking at the shop assistant whose image has gotten bigger, the girls wished they could give back a little. Next, we go towards…

In midst of being in a harsh, low social class, these girls continued with their band practice without quitting. The result of that was the increase of audiences in their street lives. However, could they really go pro? They wondered to themselves. There was a place…

That was the Higashinoda Park in front of the school.

As they swung on the swings, they’d exchange「thoughts of going pro」in this park.

They won’t forget the impulses in their early days…Chatting together in this park, these 4 swore on fulfilling their of going major.

That SCANDAL, the sound the wish to hear the most now…

Entry from Ototabi’s website HERE, as translated in full by fyscandalband. Brb, many feels TT

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SCANDAL; “Pokemon・The・Movie Soon-To-Be-Released! Can SCANDAL Name The Pokemon? -6 Sources Live Broadcast SP-” Part 1

→ Part 2 can be found HERE.

Eng summary of the broadcast @ fyscandalband HERE, “Pokemon ieru kana?” perf only HERE, and all relevant blog entries HERE.

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian @ DM!

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SCANDAL; “private” blogpost by RINA☆

In midst of such atmosphere, my fingertips have became cool-looking☺︎ Recently, I like hologram☆Sparkly. In the night, I went to have dinner with 2 writers that have taken care of me. The photo’s of some sweets that I got. Happy.

It’s courteous of listeners of people who write articles, the conversation is never-ending. Your mind and heart gets more organised as well when you talk about yourself to other people. It’s great to be riding on words isn’t it. During the times when you don’t know what to convey, just go on and write what you’re thinking of anyway. For a moment there, because you know yourself, you’ll feel that the things you say and can convey will increase☺︎ Articles are fun.

※ Yesterday’s personal clothing: tops/TOGA • skirt/Dolly&Molly • heels/miu miu

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