SCANDAL; “Band and Magazines” blogpost by RINA☆

During vocal REC. It’s a day where I kept starting down at my lyrics, listening from outside the vocal booth. There are ways in which we’re able to record as a band, however, since way long ago, the 4 of us will all be together even when we’re not recording our own parts☺︎

A skirt with flowers attached to it. There are also flowers in my home✴︎ This, it’s a present I’d gotten from the fans. Cuteー! I also use candles and such stuff. I’m happy, thank you!

Today, as there’s a song in which we want to record at a place where there’s a high roof and huge room space, we moved the studio where it was OK to record. In the period of this recording, there was a new increase of three snares. Right now, I have got 12 in total♩

Now, the guitars are taping☺︎

GiGS is released today! Individual interviews, band interview, off-shot photos, autographed posters, RINA’s camera page etc etc, special contents as how a 25th Anniversary memorial should be! If it’s alright, please get it in your hands at the bookstores☺︎ Today’s a long day as wellー! I’m give it my allー!

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SCANDAL; “This round, the camera-man who will introduce to us how the information gathering went: There’s also a RINA-san corner! What sort of photos were taken at the scenes? Do look forward to it!!

Photos w/ thanks to GiGS HERE and HERE. Translation is only for the latter tweet. → Translations & photos for all related GiGS October issue tweets are HERE.

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SCANDAL on GiGS; “Part 5 of this special project is but of the course, the special edition featuring SCANDAL!! Messages to band men etc, these 4 will condense the joyfulness as a band who’s experienced! GiGS October issue will be released tomorrow, so please look forward to it!”

→ Translations & photos for all related GiGS October issue tweets are HERE.

SCANDAL on GiGS; “Part 5 of this special project is but of the course, the special edition featuring SCANDAL!! Messages to band men etc, these 4 will condense the joyfulness as a band who’s experienced! GiGS October issue will be released tomorrow, so please look forward to it!”

→ Translations & photos for all related GiGS October issue tweets are HERE.

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SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; Introducing the finalists at「Senkou Riot 2014」!

SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; Introducing the finalists at「Senkou Riot 2014」!

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SCANDAL’s RINA; Drum Seminar → Report & Interview

In a gist, Rina’s latest drum seminar this year took place at Tokyo’s ESP Musical Academy. The event had talks, Q&A sessions, phrase explanations and everyone was allowed to watch Rina perform at a close distance. The event, which took place at Osaka the previous two times, is now able to be held in Tokyo, which had always been ‘a tiny dream’ of Rina’s.

The seminar covered things from how to work with the in-ear monitor, drumsticks, how to approach rhythm, the perimeter of your foot area, the snare drums and last but not least, there was also a session with the participants. Some extra tidbits from the drum seminar also includes:

  • Rina having revealed that the other SCANDAL do not listen to the clicker via the in-ear monitor, unlike herself. Therefore, when everyone gets high (during lives) and the tempo quickens, the drummer has to do her best to force the band to go back to the original speed.

  • Rina’s drumstick model is the Pearl 171A.

  • Rina covers every bit of rhythm-related information with all of the participants, explaining in detail how each of the beats work. For example, the beat for Rock genres are an 8-beat, and have an A-melody, B-melody, C-melody and D-melody, and consists of all sorts of changes.

  • Since last year’s tour, Rina had indeed upgraded to using a twin-pedal, which is used during live arrangements also etc. She also explains that pedals come in all sorts (plastic, wood, felt etc.), and as SCANDAL has many high-tension tunes, she often uses a plastic type as she wants something that would have a stronger attack. To add on for a even stronger sound, even though it is a somewhat underhand method of doing things, she gum-tapes a ¥5-coin to the head of the beater.

  • For first-time buyers of the snare drum, Rina recommends to getting one that has an additional 5-inches. As you copy the tunes you like, you might gradually require a larger area and so such a choice will last you longer.

Rina’s Q&A session + an interview is also included in the original article. I don’t have the time to translate everything in full (which I’d really hoped to do), but the above are interesting bits I picked out which I hope everyone would enjoy.

Original report at Teena Japan HERE.

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Anonymous said: Thank you!!, now I have an account in ClubScandal you're the Best!!! *\(^o^)/*

You’re very welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy the app! ≧(´▽`)≦

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SCANDAL; “everyday rec…” blogpost by HARUNA☆

Today is Vocal recording! In order to sing comfortably, it’s a sneaker day. #DIESEL ♡♡♡

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SCANDAL on GiGS: Translations & photos for all related tweets are HERE

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SCANDAL on Tuesday night’s (19 Aug) RADIO DRAGON’s 「Doors」programme aka “SCANOMICS”! There’s a cake right in the recording studio today out of nowhere, and the girls light it up. As the 21st is the band’s formation day, a cake was prepared and then, everyone sings the birthday song to themselves, blow the candles and give their congratulations. It’s their 8th anniversary and for 8 years, they’ve been together. Just another 2 years to 10 years, which is amazing. Mami says they’ll then have their 15th, 20th, 30th anniversary and more; She thinks they’ll continue on and each year, they’ll find more goals, together hand in hand. Tomomi says last time, they’d promised that once they became bigger, they’ll return to their dance and vocal school to repair the old walls, and it’ll be great if they got that done. Rina says that despite it not being the date they’d debuted on but simply their day of formation, many of their audiences have still taken this as a special day, so on their 10th anniversary, it’ll be wonderful if they could do something big. With that, they then play a song that was written with their formation day in mind, that is “8 Gatsu”.

On the 21st August, the girls will do a live at the Otodama (the Otodama tag is HERE). Tomomi says that the view is always different and Mami continues that the heat there is crazy, as if you’d just gone through a shower. However, as it’s right next to the beach, they get audiences that come in their swimwear even, and even though SCANDAL doesn’t go dipping in the water, they can still feel the fun and it feels good. This year, Otodama welcomes its 10th anniversary and so the girls wish to make this live extra special. The girls also have a live at the LIVE BURGER SPECIAL vol.4 (broadcast is aired exactly as the same time as the ongoing live. The LIVE BURGER tag is HERE.)

Just before they get any further, a surprise awaits for Rina in the studio! All the members wish her a happy birthday and on this day, they have a 2nd birthday cake! Rina has turned 23 years old and so, everyone sings the happy birthday song for a second time in the day. Mami says the cake is super cute and it even includes peaches. As the previous formation day birthday cake included pineapples, Rina says happily that her favourite fruit are now peaches, followed by pineapples. She expresses that spending her birthday with the members is now practically a given and she thinks this will continue all the way. Mami says when they first met, Rina was only a middle-school student and just thinking about that, it seems time really flew by. From now on, Rina will continue to support the band and work hard.

Back to the LIVE BURGER SPECIAL at Zepp DiverCity, SCANDAL will have a two-man with The Cro-Magnons. (Video above also includes a short clip of SCANDAL’s first ever MUSIC STATION guesting with The Cro-Magnons. In it, the band were said to be guesting with a senior whom they look up to a lot and that is The Cro-Magnons. MAMI also says that recently (at the time), whenever the band were on the road, they’ll keep listening to The Cro-Magnons and they really look up to their cool style during lives.) Haruna continues on to talk about that first guesting with The Cro-Magnons on MUSIC STATION, in which they were super nervous but were comforted by The Cro-Magnons’ words to them. At that time, Tomomi also says they’d received a signed CD, which she has kept and displayed till today. Mami continues that while they appear on TV too, their live atmosphere is completely different. Now in August, they have a two-man with The Cro-Magnons and it makes them happy. They then air the band’s song, “Speed and Knife”.

This week’s SOBOKU can be found HERE by Rock LOVE @ YT, in which the question is: What is the first sushi you’ll eat at a conveyor belt sushi place? Tomomi often goes for the spanish mackerel sushi first, while Mami says she’ll go for the deep fried tofu-pouch sushis after making her orders from the menu, although she’ll usually just take whatever she sees when she sees it first if she wants to eat it. Rina’s answer is the seared mackerel sushi, whilst Haruna says she’d go for the flame-grilled salmon mayo sushi. Tomomi remarks that Haruna really does have the image of liking salmon. SCANDAL says they really all enjoy and get excited at conveyor belt sushi shops; But lately, the rage is ramen and udon at these sushi shops. Tomomi says she really doesn’t understand that but oh well.

With that, that’s all for this week!

Video upload w/ credits to solfaman @ YT, translations by fyscandalband. For more SCANOMICS translations, they can be found HERE.

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Anonymous said: Will you translate sca-chan's interview for girls factory 14? havent seen it in a lot of places, but its there on scandollvox2 gplus. if u decide to do it, arigato!!!

I want to but I’m currently a little backed up on stuff to translate, having had no time to get around to the latest SCANOMICS broadcast yet…(so sorry everyone! OTL)

I’ll try my best to do it as soon as I can! Please wait for me a bit and thanks (^__^;)/

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